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Profile of William E. Crisick

Bill Crisick is founder and Principal Modelist for Financial Modeling Specialists, and has personally developed all of the models described on the 'Recent Engagements' page. The combination of his business and engineering education and his wide variety of experience in diverse industries and technical disciplines provides him with a masterful analytical and creative perspective on financial model building. His motto is, If you can dream it up I can make Excel do it!  Mr. Crisick's models are technically sound, accurate, robust, and easy to use.  Information and results are presented in understandable, logical, decision-driving formats, with ready-to-print reports. His fort is accurately modeling a complex business activity no matter how convoluted the modeling relationships that must be created.

After receiving his MSIA degree [the Master of Science-Industrial Administration Degree (MSIA), is equivalent to an MBA] from the Krannert School of Management at Purdue University  Mr. Crisick joined Touche Ross & Co., in St. Louis, Missouri, as an Associate Consultant in the Management Services group. Mr. Crisick performed and/or managed a wide variety of consulting engagements in a broad spectrum of industries including retailing, manufacturing, travel & leisure, ship building and others.

Mr. Crisick's initial engineering experience after receiving his BSME degree with Tau Beta Pi Honors was as a project engineer with the Flame Plating business unit of Union Carbide Corporation's Linde Division, in Speedway, Indiana. Flame Plating is a highly technical process for applying extremely wear resistant tungsten carbide and other specialized coatings to critical areas of industrial equipment ranging from aircraft engine parts to dental instruments. Mr. Crisick managed and/or participated in numerous projects to develop new coatings, coating applications and specialized equipment for the coating processes.

Prior to launching Financial Modeling Specialists, Mr. Crisick was Principal Designer for  Bicycle Engineering, a designer and manufacturer of custom bicycle components and specialty tools for bicycle mechanics. Mr. Crisick holds a United States Patent on an innovative design for clipless bicycle pedals that provides a unique approach to achieving pedal float. Mr. Crisick also holds a United States Patent for a time- and money-saving device for aligning bicycle wheel truing stands. His truing stand alignment gauge is in use in professional bicycle shops around the world.

Mr. Crisick was a Senior Engineer in the Power Control Department of Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the nation's largest electric and gas utility. His principal responsibility in this position was that of operating liaison for the company's System Dispatchers and the plethora of co-generators and small power producers that connected to the power system. As part of his responsibilities in this position Mr. Crisick represented PG&E as an expert witness on power system operation in contract hearings before the California Public Utilities Commission. He also made numerous presentations on power system operation before co-generation trade organizations.

Mr. Crisick is originally from the Metropolitan Cleveland, Ohio, area, and resides in Walnut Creek, California.

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