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What Clients Say About Financial Modeling Specialists:

Kabir Nain, owner Santé Management, LLC.:  "[T]his [off the shelf model] is exactly what I had in mind when I requested a financial projection model. I am extremely pleased with it."

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Adam Lupa, CEO,, LLC.:    “…as usual!  I think you have this business pretty well figured out.”  “…this is an EXCELLENT reflection of why I engaged your services - much appreciated.”  [Emphasis by Mr. Lupa.]

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Erica Falk, CEO,, Inc.:  "Great Work!  This looks fantastic."

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Trish Hayward, Founder and Managing Partner, Catalyst Strategies, Woodside, CA:

 "Bill did an amazing job responding to our requirements and building a robust and flexible market sizing model to support an opportunity assessment project.  He worked seamlessly with our team to complete the model on schedule.  He also was a pleasure to work with, he was flexible, and responded quickly when we had changes and new requirements. The end result exceeded our expectations.  We look forward to working with FMS in the future.”

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Theo A. Gallier, Chief Investment Officer, Private Ocean, San Rafael, CA:

Automation of our Comprehensive Annual Review process by Financial Modeling Specialists saves our firm countless hours of tedious, inherently error-prone, manual work to prepare a client portfolio for re-balancing and review with our client.


Mr. Crisick conducted this engagement in a highly professional manner, beginning with his proposal for the project.  He was always responsive to our requests for modifications and additions, and recommended and incorporated numerous important quality control features before we thought of them.


It has been a pleasure to work with Mr. Crisick and Financial Modeling Specialists, and we look forward to a continuing business relationship.

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Susie Garcia, Director of Marketing, Professional Construction Group, Inc., Hayward, CA:

Mr. Crisick developed a highly sophisticated but very usable model that enables our sales reps to easily and quickly price out a job for presentation to their customers.  As we were working together to develop the model Mr. Crisick offered numerous suggestions and ideas for improvements I had not thought of.  He also developed logic and formulas in the model to solve several computational issues with which I had been struggling.


It was a pleasure to work with Financial Modeling Specialists.  Mr. Crisick was highly responsive to my requirements and very creative in suggesting and implementing solutions for concerns that arose during this project.  I look forward to working with Bill on new projects for our company.

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Adam Meyers, CEO, MRI Imaging Center of Fresno, Inc.

Financial Modeling Specialists developed a Commission Analysis Model that fully meets our exacting specifications.  The model calculates commissions payable to our reps according to a specified set of goals for each rep, that we can change as required.  It also analyzes the data in several different ways that enable us to look at total commissions paid by resource, or rep, or tier. Further, it is easy to update as new data becomes available each month.


Mr. Crisick is truly an EXCEL “Guru”, and was extremely professional in his conduct of this engagement.  He was fully responsive to our numerous requests for small changes to the model.  We look forward to a continuing business relationship with Financial Modeling Specialists.

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Ryan Gilbert, CEO, PropertyBridge, Inc., Oakland, CA:

Financial Modeling Specialists did an outstanding job in building a financial projection tool customized to our business model and operating needs.  Bill rapidly grasped a detailed understanding of our operations and plans, and produced a planning tool that was accurate, flexible, and easy to use.  He was highly responsive to requests and suggestions for changes, and kept me fully informed of his progress and various modeling issues as they arose.  He delivered a valuable planning tool on schedule and within budget, always working in a highly professional manner.  I look forward to a continuing relationship with Bill and Financial Modeling Specialists.

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Al Aguirre, CEO, Vask Consulting, San Francisco, CA:

Mr. Crisick created a planning tool for our consulting practice based on my detailed specifications. The model accurately mirrored my plans for the business, including multiple practice areas, expansion into additional offices, multiple project sizes, and more. He was flexible in building the model to my needs, and he met my deadlines. I enjoyed working with Bill and look forward to an on-going relationship with Financial Modeling Specialists.

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Elisabeth Montgomery, PhD., Regional General Manager – Pacific Rim, InterLangua, LLC, Chicago, IL:

Bill did a superb job creating a financial model that precisely mirrored our business model and operating plan.  The model was easy to use, accurate, and robust.  Bill responded quickly to my detailed questions and requests for enhancements.  He has provided valuable on-going support and advice as our expansion plans took shape.  I look forward to working with him on a continuing basis.

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Syd Robenseifner, Principal, SPR Associates, Sonoma, CA:

Mr. Crisick assisted me on two consulting engagements involving the writing of business plans for my clients. Mr. Crisick’s role in one engagement was to automate an existing financial model to allow my client to test scenarios and options. Mr. Crisick’s work was performed flawlessly and efficiently. He met my deadlines, quickly resolved technical questions that arose during our reviews, and, most importantly, used his extensive business and financial planning background to note and bring to my attention numerous issues relating to the approach I had been developing for my client. I was very appreciative of his input. This type of business expertise was exactly what I had been seeking in a financial modeler.

The second engagement involved developing highly complex logic for the financial model of a business plan I was writing. I needed to be able to vary revenue timing and type to model the sale of a variety of new contracts plus follow-on support and maintenance contracts for a client. Mr. Crisick effectively integrated these elements into a user friendly and accurate model, with which my client was highly pleased.

Mr. Crisick is a consummate professional and very, very talented. I look forward to working with him again.

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Chris Baker, Director of Mechanical Engineering, Zeiss-Humphrey Systems, Dublin, CA:

Mr. Crisick consulted with Zeiss-Humphrey Systems for about six months. Among the systems he developed was a cost estimating model for our prototype ophthalmic instrument development program. Our engineers appreciate this model, which imports data from both our accounting system and our bill-of-materials (bom) processor, and develops an estimate of direct materials cost based on vendor quotes. The system handles parts lists numbering in the thousands, and integrates both prototype and production parts.

He also developed an Excel-based model for manipulating and analyzing bom information to produce more useful and flexible reports than we were getting from the bom system.

Mr. Crisick quickly gained an in-depth understanding of our complex products and made an important contribution to our product development efforts. His professional yet friendly approach and his past technical and business experience allowed him to easily interact with our engineering staff, purchasing staff, finance department and IT professionals.

I would not hesitate to engage Mr. Crisick again, should the need arise.

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Dwight K. Maloney, Manager, Planning and Logistics, The Solaris Group, San Ramon, CA:

Mr. Crisick did an outstanding job for us at Solaris [formerly a Division of Monsanto]. Bill developed complex Excel models that allowed us to combine and summarize large amounts of sales information in a format that was easily understood and usable by the company's management. He helped facilitate the monthly forecasting process using spreadsheets sent electronically to our sales team and collected for processing and analysis at the end of each sales period. I have never known anyone with such a thorough understanding of what an Excel spreadsheet [model] could do in the hands of an expert and he is an expert.


A trademark of his work for us was accuracy, driven by a process that made sure that the numbers always tied together properly! I couldn't recommend Bill more highly!

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Todd White, Vice President, Finance, The Scotts Company-Ortho Business Group, Marysville, OH:

Mr. Crisick consulted with The Scotts Company and (prior to our purchase of the Ortho Brand Name) with The Solaris Group Division of Monsanto for over three years. He was one of the two key members on the team that developed and ran a sophisticated sales forecasting model and system that drove our logistics and production planning activities. The model tracked over 100 products in more than 1,000 variations in packaging and sizes, and assisted our major-account managers to forecast their customers’ needs.


Mr. Crisick also developed a highly sophisticated and useful sales reporting model that used complex logic to automatically rank our largest customers by sales dollars, and the highest volume products for each customer. Each month it was necessary only to update actual sales results and the model automatically re-ranked all customers and products.


Several other groups took advantage of Mr. Crisick’s talents during his work with ScottsCo. For our marketing group he built a point-of-sale (POS) data analysis model that consolidated, manipulated and reported sales by outlet in certain SMSA’s to evaluate the effect of TV and radio media placements.

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Carmen Sarracco, Vice President and CFO, Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc., Dublin, CA:

Mr. Crisick [was engaged by] Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc., the world leader in integrated diagnostic ophthalmologic instruments … to develop a financial model of our service business, with the objective of analyzing the cost of our service functions - warranty, contract and billable - and determining the cost of providing each of these types of service for each of our products. Mr. Crisick completed this engagement in a timely and effective manner. The results of his work were used to determine the warranty cost of sales and thereby the balance sheet warranty liability.


[During his association with our company Mr. Crisick] also developed numerous [other] financial models including a cost analysis model of our research and development department, an analytical model to improve efficiency and accuracy in the computation of deferred revenue, which included an analysis of service revenue by field service engineer [a level of detail which had never before been achieved,] and automated several other models, e.g., the Service Cross Charge Journal Entry, to improve accuracy and efficiency. Each of the models Mr. Crisick developed was robust, technically sound, and accurate.


Mr. Crisick is an expert in the use of Microsoft Excel, [especially in the development of complex logic for the analysis of business activities].


[Excerpted from Mr. Sarracco's letter dated November 30, 2004.]

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Andrew Chu, Mortgage, Inc.,  San Mateo, CA:

Mr. Crisick automated our loan activity reports so that data can be entered just one time in one place and is automatically analyzed and summarized in a variety of reports and formats. The Reporting Model that he created saves us time and guarantees accuracy.


Mr. Crisick completed this engagement on specification, on schedule and on budget, and responded promptly to my questions and requests for enhancements.  I especially appreciated his follow-up communications to be sure the reporting model was satisfying my requirements.


He is not boasting with his claim to be a Spreadsheet Wizard.  We will be using his services again.

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