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NEW: Our proprietary forecasting methodology lets you specify both target revenue goals and the planning period in which you expect to achieve them, and grows revenue in preceding periods to reach your goals.

Forecasting model development process:

To the extent possible and effective, we begin all new models with existing standard components, customized to your requirements and unique business characteristics and conditions. Our models are flexible and automated for ease in evaluating scenarios and changing conditions.

Our models are capable of handling a full range of planning issues including sales and revenue forecasting, capital investment and depreciation, cash requirements and cash flow forecasting, financing options, operating expenses, and staffing and personnel costs, as appropriate.

Standard outputs for financial projection models are projected income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and financial performance metrics such as Internal Rate of Return, Net Present Value, Return on Capital, and others as appropriate. Custom outputs can be added to address your specific needs.

Probabilistic analytical techniques such as Monte Carlo simulation and  sensitivity analysis can be applied to your model if and when appropriate .

Our wealth of modeling experience and skill in applying Microsoft Excel to financial model building accelerates the process of creating your model and getting answers to your questions. We customize the model to your business and set it up for you to use. We also provide on-going assistance in running and updating the model.



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