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Financial Modeling Specialists offers one-on-one and small group Tutoring in Microsoft Excel to develop and enhance skill in using spreadsheets. We provide a customized syllabus tailored to your current skill level and focused on what you want to learn. Typical one-on-one tutoring sessions are two hours, and can cover a single topic, or a range of topics relevant to your needs. As professionals in the use MS Excel for financial modeling, we enjoy sharing this knowledge with others and helping them develop new and improved understanding of how to employ Excel in their business pursuits.  Contact FMS to schedule a tutoring session or for more information.

Tutoring in Advanced Financial Modeling Techniques will teach you how to apply exponential growth, exponential growth with acceleration, and seasonality to your financial models. You will learn how to use EXCEL financial functions, how set up Stepped Expenses, Incremental Tax Tables, and how to build a Fixed Asset Acquisition and Depreciation Schedule, plus the  techniques and shortcuts that make model building fast, and much more.  Contact FMS to schedule a tutoring session or request a syllabus of Advanced Financial Modeling Techniques.

Comment by a recent tutoring client:  "Thank you!  Excellent helpful session!!!"

New -  We can conduct tutoring sessions ON-LINE using GoToMeeting and SkypeContact FMS to schedule a tutoring session or for more information.

Please ask for a referral from a tutoring client.  Go to Contact FMS page.

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