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Introducing "Off-the-Shelf" Financial Projection Models starting at $249.

Financial Modeling Specialists’ “Off-the-Shelf” models are fully functional, robust, accurate, ready to use financial projection models suitable for early-stage planning for a startup. The models are fully parameter driven and are easily updated to keep pace with changes to plans and external influences. Parameters are presented on a single tab in the Excel® workbook, and grouped by functional category – e.g., Revenue Modeling, Expense Modeling, Balance Sheet modeling, etc. – for ease of comprehension and updating.

Choose the features you need from the options described below to customize your model. Basic Models can be enhanced to keep pace with your business plan as it matures.

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Basic Financial Projection Model includes the following functionality and output documents:

·         100% Parameter Driven. User-Made changes to parameters automatically cascade through the model to reveal the financial outcomes.

·         Five year projections of financial outcomes are contained in these documents:

o   Executive Summary.

o   Income Statements.

o   Statements of Financial Position [Balance sheets.]

o   Statements of Cash Flow.

·         Single revenue stream.

·         Basic Model Price: $249.

Optional additional functionality and modeling features:

·         Additional Revenue Streams:

o   Add up to five additional revenue streams to the Basic Model.

o   Add $50 per additional revenue stream to the Basic Model price.

·         Mortgage Loan – Functionality includes:

o   Amortization schedule for one mortgage loan.

o   Interest expense line item on income statements.

o   Principal payments reflected in cash flow statements.

o   Add $75 to Basic Model price.

·         Capital Structure Modeling:

o   Functionality for detailed modeling of a firm’s:

§  Equity investments and payouts for up to five investors.

§  Timing of investments and payouts is manual.

§  Line-of-credit [“LOC”] loan draw down, repayment, and interest expense.

o   Detailed modeling of line-of-credit draw down and repayment.

o   Add $75 to Basic Model price for user-entered changes to the LOC.

o   Add $125 to Basic Model price for automation of changes to the LOC to maintain a minimum cash balance.

·         Fixed Assets and Depreciation Schedule:

o   For business entities planning regular acquisition of fixed assets.

o   Provides for adding and depreciating fixed assets with user-determined and input:

§  Asset Acquisition Cost.

§  Acquisition Date.

§  Depreciation life by asset class.

o   Includes depreciation waterfalls for three asset classes.

o   Add $150 to Basic Model price.

·         Personnel Planning Schedule:

o   Functionality includes:

§  Timed addition of new positions.

§  Headcount.

§  Compensation by position.

§  Payroll taxes and Fringe Benefits.

o   Add $125 to Basic Model price.


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