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Our Mission:

Delivering professional financial modeling and business planning capabilities to executives, managers and entrepreneurs.

Financial Modeling Specialists - FMS - is dedicated to assisting emerging and established organizations in modeling their business activities for a wide variety of purposes, for example:

Financial Projections for business plans, financing proposals, and

   on-going periodic planning and budgeting

Sales forecasting

Angel financing proposals

Profitability analysis

Merger and Acquisition Analysis

Business Valuation

Process automation

Product cost analysis

Data analysis models

Real estate loan proposals

Compensation analysis and planning

Risk Analysis and Monte Carlo Simulation

Specific ad hoc client objectives

Our wealth of business and modeling experience ensures that we will understand your requirements from a business as well as a technical modeling perspective, and create a model that not only meets your specifications, but more than satisfies your business needs and exceeds your expectations. We donít just forge obliviously ahead entering formulas and references or setting up pivot tables. We make sure your model makes sense and produces intuitively reasonable and sound business results. And we make sure you can use it.

Please see Recent Engagements for summary descriptions of recent projects and models developed for our clients, and What Clients Say for client feedback on our work..

Services & Products:


   Custom Financial Projection Models

   Business planning

   Spreadsheet Automation


   Compensation analysis

   Off-the-Shelf Financial Projection Models

■  TCO/ROI Analysis & Modeling

■  Visual Basic for Applications ģ Programming

  Ad hoc assistance with MS Excel techniques, shortcuts, questions and tutoring  Go to Tutoring Page

News Updates: 

Financial Modeling Specialists introduces proprietary forecasting methodology.  See Forecasting Model Development Process.

Financial Modeling Specialists introduces "Off-the-Shelf" financial projection models starting at $249. Go to Off-the-Shelf Models page

Catalyst Strategies announces that William E. Crisick has joined the firm as a Core Team Member and business and financial modeling analyst.  See News Update

Quote for the year:  "A goal without a plan is just a wish." -Antoine de Saint Exupery

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